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The RAF's youngest female pilot, Flying Officer Emma Atkinson, is currently training Afghanistan's first female Air Force helicopter pilots in a small office tucked away in a corner of Kabul's airport.

Chartering a Helicopter allows for all sorts of business prmotions

Invite your investors and tight up relations a relaxing way.

Invite your best customers to show how much you appreciate them.

Invite your collaborators to reward their exceptional business achievements.

Invite your most important prospects and take advantage of this non formal meeting.

Invite your best friends or business relations to share good times with you.
You'll be their guest next time...


Available Helictopers

Bell 407

There are those who want to perform as well as persevere. There are some who want to outmaneuver as well as outclass. The 407 brings superior attributes together to make a phenomenal aircraft. The sports car-like handling with exceptional hot and high hover capability and unparalleled rotor control authority combined with a fuselage and large composite panels ensures ruggedness and ease of maintenance. It’s one more way to fly smart. Fly Bell.

Bell 407

Bell 206L-4

When we design a helicopter, we keep everything in mind. When you buy one, so should you. That’s why there’s the 206L-4 – a remarkable combination of simple design and superior value. Like its predecessor, the 206B-3, the LongRanger IV began with all the best features, coupled with a stretched cabin and more powerful engine. The power margin makes it ideal for operating in hot weather and high altitude environments. Best features. Best value. Best ride. If you want to fly smart, fly Bell.

Bell 206L-4

Bell 206B-3

When we design a helicopter, we do more than just build a machine. We build confidence. The 206B-3 JetRanger III offers the lowest operating costs and the highest possible standards. Known around the world for its ruggedness, reliability and simplicity, this aircraft has become the most popular turbine helicopter ever built.

First in its class in safety, this aircraft ensures its crew will be back to fly another day.



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